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500ml \ alc 40% \ Organic

Awarded World’s Best London Dry Gin 2021 at World Gin Awards

Complex, well-balanced taste with hints of juniper, coriander, lingonberry, citrus and fresh herbs.

Our Dry Gin is produced in small batches with seven carefully selected organic botanicals, some of which are local sourced from our home county, Småland. We also use local water from Ljungby – a fantastic resource that we are very proud of.

The craftsmanship makes each batch and bottle unique. This is our interpretation of how a Swedish Gin should taste.

The craftsmanship makes each batch and bottle unique.

Awarded the World’s Best London Dry Gin 2021 at the World Gin Awards – which is one of the most respected and prestigious competitions in the industry which has years of experience judging spirits from around the world. The judges fell for the taste of “a fantastic balance and control of flavors and complexity”.

This is our interpretation of what a Swedish craft gin tastes like.

A well-balanced gin dominated by juniper, citrus and fresh herbs that then finishes with a distinct freshness from rhubarb.

Together with the bar master Mathin Lundgren, we have created RABARBARO – which is a rhubarb-infused gin.

Mathin Lundgren has for many years influenced Bar-Sweden through recurring visits to Nyhetsmorgon, his best-selling book Barmästarens Manual and from bars such as Kåken and Teatergrillen.

“During my years at Teatergrillen in Stockholm, the idea for RABARBARO was born when I made a rhubarb-infused gin in connection with the first rhubarb of the year appearing. On the gin, we mainly made Gimlet’s with freshly squeezed lime and syrup. The drink quickly became a recurring favourite.

Since I left Stockholm and Teatergrillen, I have dreamed of making this product available to more people and now finally the time has come and it has been a pleasure to make it together with Lydén Distillery who with their knowledge help to make it even better.” – Mathin Lundgren



500ml \ alc 58% \ Organic

Complex, well-balanced and dominant taste of juniper. Hints of coriander, lingonberry, citrus and fresh herbs.

Our Navy Gin is made from the same botanicals as our Dry Gin. Despite its high alcohol content at 58% it is amazingly smooth and can be enjoyed just the way it is, although the main purpose is to provide extra boosts in cocktails. The taste is even clearer, more powerful and lifts the Gin to another level.


500ml \ alc 46% \ Organic

Awarded World’s Best Matured Gin 2022 at World Gin Awards

Spicy taste with hints of cask, juniper, fresh herbs, orange peel, nuts and vanilla.

Let us present the world’s first gin aged on oaks from Småland. Cask Gin, which has been inspired by our Småland’s forests, has matured for some time in only five 30-liter casks, which are made of oak from Småland. The result – an incredibly smooth sipping gin, with a dominant flavor from juniper and a well-balanced flavor from oak, contributing both color and sweetness. 

Well-balanced and dominant flavor of juniper, spicy fresh hints of citrus and floral notes. The added sweetness gives things an interesting twist – it brings out the flavors and has a longer finish.

How did Old Tom Gin get its name? Like stories about many cocktails and spirits, no one knows the exact answer…

We go back to 18th century England when gin was consumed in copious amounts. The British government tried several times to restrict the flow of gin by charging high fees and taxes to be allowed to produce and sell gin. To avoid the tax, pub owners began selling gin from wooden signs shaped like a black cat – a so-called Old Tom – from the outside wall of the pub. After a coin was deposited in the cat’s mouth, the barman from the other side poured a measure of gin through a tube at the cat’s paw.

The distillation at this time was not the best, and to hide the worst of the fennel taste, sugar was added. Turpentine was sometimes added to fake the taste of juniper and sulfuric acid to give the diluted spirit a more pungent taste.

But today we don’t sweeten gin to hide flavors or serve gin through a black sign shaped like a cat – but to highlight juniper, floral notes and make the gin even smoother.


500ml \ alc 40% \ Organic

Complex, well-balanced and dominant taste of cumin & dill seeds. Hints of wormwood, lingonberry, citrus & elderflower.

A modern interpretation of classic Swedish Akvavit with traditional flavors from cumin, dill seeds & wormwood. Lydén Distillery Akvavit gets its modern touch from well-selected organic botanicals. Akvavit is usually drunk with a good food, in good company, with song & ”skål” – but it also fits perfectly in a cocktail. Together we create memories & new traditions.