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Awarded World’s Best London Dry Gin 2021 at World Gin Awards

Complex, well-balanced taste with hints of juniper, coriander, lingonberry, citrus and fresh herbs.

Our Dry Gin is distilled and bottled by hand in small batches. Everything that is produced at Lydén Distillery is made entirely by hand and with well-selected organic ingredients of the highest quality. The bottles are filled, corked, labels put on by hand and all bottles have their unique batch & bottle number. The craftsmanship makes each batch and bottle unique.

Awarded the World’s Best London Dry Gin 2021 at the World Gin Awards – which is one of the most respected and prestigious competitions in the industry which has years of experience judging spirits from around the world. The judges fell for the taste of “a fantastic balance and control of flavors and complexity”.

This is our interpretation of how a Swedish Gin should taste.



This is how we serve a Gin & Tonic with our Dry Gin.

• 5cl Lydén Distillery Dry Gin
• 10cl Indian Tonic*
• Lingon Berries
• A sprig of fresh Rosemary

*Some neutral tonic water that we prefer – Hammars Tonic Original, Fever Tree Indian Tonic or Thomas Henry Tonic Water

How to make it:
Start with filling your favorite glass with allot of ice. Then pour the Dry Gin and add some Lingon Berries. Fill the glass with a neutral tonic and finish with a fresh sprig of rosemary, which you lightly tap in your hand before putting it in the glass.

Serve and enjoy!