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Complex, well-balanced and dominant taste of cumin & dill seeds. Hints of wormwood, lingonberry, citrus & elderflower.

A modern interpretation of classic Swedish Akvavit with traditional flavors from cumin, dill seeds & wormwood. Lydén Distillery Akvavit gets its modern touch from well-selected organic botanicals. Akvavit is usually drunk with a good food, in good company, with song & ”skål” – but it also fits perfectly in a cocktail. Together we create memories & new traditions.



This is how we prefer to serve our Akvavit – neat, just as it is.

• 4cl Lydén Distillery Akvavit

How to make it:
Use your favorite snaps glass. Pour in Lydén Distillery Akvavit and take a small sip and enjoy – preferably in good company with a good food and “Sång & Skål”.

Our Akvavit can also be served chilled, if you prefer.

Serve and enjoy!