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500ml \ alc 46% \ Organic

World’s Best Matured Gin 2022 at World Gin Awards

The world’s first gin stored on Småland oak? – Yes, you read that right!

Let us present our Cask Gin, which has been inspired by the forests of Småland. For some time we have allowed gin mature in only 5 pieces of 30-liter barrels, which are made of oaks from Småland.

The result – an incredibly smooth sipping gin, with a dominant taste from juniper and a well-balanced taste from oak, which contributes both color and sweetness.

Signature Serve

This is how we serve our Cask Gin – neat, just the way it is.

• 5cl Lydén Distillery Cask Gin

How to make it:
Pick out a tasting glass, or why not your favorite glass.
 Pour the Lydén Distillery Cask Gin, scent into the glass,
 take a small sip and enjoy.

Our Cask Gin can also be served over an ice cube, if you prefer.

Cask Gin Negroni

• 3cl Lydén Distillery Cask Gin
• 3cl Carpano Botanic Bitter
• 3cl Antica Formula

How to make it:
Pour equal parts Cask Gin, Campari & Antica Formula into a stirring glass. Next up, put a large piece of ice in to the stirring glass and stir gently for about 20 seconds for a perfect dilution. Strain into your favorite glass, with a large ice cube. Garnish with a orange zest.

Serve and enjoy.